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Hi, my name is Luise and I’m 27 years old. I started volunteering for Diversity Sligo over a year ago, when I moved to Leitrim. I’ve been running the Children’s Library in Globe House until COVID-19 unfortunately made it impossible to continue doing so in person. However, thanks to the amazing technology we have today, I’ve been able to continue giving English Tutoring online throughout 2020 and now 2021.

I very much enjoy working for Diversity Sligo. As a European citizen (originally, I’m from Germany), it was always very easy for me to travel and live abroad and I was always welcomed with open arms. I feel it is unfair that people from other parts of the world or with other passports have it so much harder to be accepted and welcomed in our European countries and communities and I hope to be a part of changing that for the better. I am happy to share my experience with English as a second language with someone and, from my own experience, feel like books and literature can be the connecting links between cultures and peoples. I’ve studied Children’s Literature and Fantasy Literature in Dublin and Glasgow and will go back to Glasgow to do my PhD in Fantasy Literature by the end of the year.

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