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Housing Assistance Payment

In order to qualify for HAP, you must submit a Housing Application to Sligo County Council. Diversity Sligo can help you to fill in the form. You will receive an acknowledgement letter.

You may apply for HAP, it takes some time to process your application. When you get approval, have your landlord sign the forms and submit them to the Housing Section of Sligo County Council in Riverside.

At the time of writing, the rent limit for HAP is set at €460 a month for a single person in their own accommodation and €575 a month for a couple with two children. You may not rent a property at a higher rent if you want to qualify for HAP. You will have to pay at least €30 per week if single and €40 if a couple.

Finding accommodation

It is difficult to find accommodation anywhere in Ireland at the moment. Our partner Tanya Stack of the De Paul Trust can help you. Her phone number is 086 606 2773

  • Check the internet: rent.ie and daft.ie
  • In the papers: the Youth Information Centre on Rockwood Parade give free photocopies of the ads pages
  • Estate Agents
  • Word of mouth: ask the people you know.

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