+353 86 232 5951 help@diversitysligo.ie

Support when you need it

When you get your papers

You can talk to us about moving out of Globe House when you get your papers:

    • Letter from Minister
    • Irish Residence Permit card
    • Filling in application for Social Housing with the County Council
    • Filling in application for HAP (Housing Assistance Payment)
    • Applying for Job Seeker’s Allowance
    • Applying for a job
    • Looking for a flat or a house
    • Applying for Child Benefit
    • Applying for a Travel Document
    • Applying for Family Reunification
    • Applying for Education

    Call us 086 232 59 51

    We work closely with Tanya Stack, DePaul Trust Development Worker. 

    She is available on 086 606 2773


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