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Diversity Sligo Comments and Complaints Policy

Policy Statement

Diversity Sligo welcome children’s,  families’ and individuals’ views of the service. We understand that from time to time families and individuals will have a concern or feedback about the service and we are dedicated to giving careful attention and a courteous timely response to all suggestions, comments or complaints.

Comments Procedure

  1. All comments are welcome and can be shared with any member of the team
  2. A comment can be made verbally to a team member and in the event of an unsatisfactory result the comment should be made in writing to the chairperson or to the nominated person
  3. The chairperson or the nominated person will make a note of these in the Comments Book, along with any action taken.
  4. The complaints procedure should be availed of if a satisfactory response is not received within a reasonable time. We undertake to give you a response within 15 working days.

Complaints Procedure:

  1. If you wish to make a complaint you should contact the chairperson or the nominated person to discuss and, hopefully, resolve the matter.
  2. Should you still feel that the matter is unresolved then the complaint must be put in writing to the chairperson or the nominated person
  3. A written acknowledgement of the complaint will be sent as soon as possible within 15 working days.
  4. If the complaint is related to the behaviour of a member of staff, the staff member must be informed that a formal complaint has been made and be given the full details and the right to reply.
  5. Parents/guardians/carers must be made aware that staff are informed of complaints made relating to their behaviour so that the procedure can be implemented.
  6. If required a request may be made in writing to the chairperson or the management committee to have the complaint heard by a wider group. This group could comprise of two members of the committee plus an external mediator.
  7. Membership of this panel should not comprise of any person directly involved in the complaint or related to the complainant, or staff member.
  8. The person making the request should be advised that, they are free to bring another person with them to a meeting to hear the complaint, to act as a scribe/record minutes.
  9. Following the request, the complainant must be facilitated with a meeting within one month. An agreed written record of the meeting will be kept by the external mediator and, where appropriate, a formal letter of the outcome will be issued, within 15 working days following the meeting.
  10. In instances where the complaint involves the welfare of a child/children, the information should be made known to the relevant local Duty Social Worker in the Health Service Executive and to the committee, through the chairperson
  • If the complaint involves a Child Protection issue, the procedure as outlined in the Child Protection Policy will be immediately implemented.

This policy was adopted by Diversity Sligo

 on Date: 16 August 2017

Signed by: __________________________________

On behalf of Management

This policy will be reviewed on 15 August 2018 in collaboration with staff, parents and Globe House residents representatives.

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