Tips for preserving your mental health in challenging times

  1. Exercise daily, 20 minutes is good. Walk, run, work out, swim.
  2. Meditate: take time to switch off from everything except your breathing.
  3. Spirituality: not necessarily about God, you can look at the trees, the lake, the sea, the clouds and see that you are part of something much bigger than you.
  4. Gratefulness: keep a little book of daily reflection on the things you were grateful for that day.
  5. Flow: play a musical instrument, draw, garden, work on wood or write and get lost in the activity, it is good for you
  6. Healthy food: eat fresh food and fish, it is good for you.  Eat slowly and with the people you like.
  7. Doing something for somebody else: kindness and compassion are good for you.  Get involved in working with people who are less fortunate than yourself.  They may be ill or have a disability.  They may be lonely.
  8. Connect with other people: don’t stay isolated, have tea with friends, join a club.
  9. Concentrate on the present moment: you cannot change the past and the future is not here yet. Enjoy the present moment.
  10. Laugh more: laughter is good for you.

Advice from Shane Martin, check his website on